Our History

“Godandi is a true family business: From my Father to each of us, my sons, our partners and our clients, we are all part of the global and ever growing Godandi family”

Since the birth of the Company in 1952, the name Godandi has been synonymous with service and professionalism. A long tradition of excellence is witnessed still today through the unparalleled mix of the selection of the best vehicles, the training of the staff, and the aid of the latest technology, that together create unique Godandi experiences, and bring forward the company’s heritage in a modern and contemporary way.

The origins of Godandi lie in rural Mexico, many years ago, when a young orphan boy moved to Mexico City to earn a little money. By 12, Severo was working in a garage, up close to the cars which had fascinated him for as long as he could remember, where he learned the basics of mechanics and car repair that would be of great help in the future. As soon as he turned 18, he found a job as a taxi driver. On an exceptionally rainy summer afternoon, near downtown, he once picked up a couple of tourists, and drove them back to their hotel.

Back then, although he only spoke Spanish, he somehow had a “mystical” connection with the tourists, and felt guided to assist them during their whole visit… and so his career as a dedicated chauffeur began. This experience stirred him up to study English, World History, and Mexican History on his own, thus becoming a certified Tour Guide.

The money he had saved for years, plus a loan, allowed him to change his Taxi for a Cadillac, and started offering his services to the most renowned Hotels in Mexico City. Soon, the one-car company began to flourish: clients were returning time and again, recognizing his integrity, his service attitude, his determination, his perfectionism, and his sheer commitment to them.

Godandi has since become the go-to service provider for clients from around the globe, featuring a strong presence in Mexico and Latin America. We also have a series of partnerships with leading providers in the U.S. to give our clients further support.